Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's Been A Little While

A druid running into the wrong end of my bow.... 

     Hi there, its been a little while. Turns out running a guild is hard work. But, on the good side, my mains guild has progressed more with me at the helm, than the previous gm. This I must credit to the hard work of my friends and captains, without whom I would be nothing.

     Today the weather in Stormwind is nice. Its where we join our favorite hunter, relaxing after helping fend off a Horde invasion of our castle. Not that I did a whole lot, I'm only a 20 for Christs sake.........

     Since deciding to level, I felt it was time for a test, so I decided to jump into a battleground. Remember, no BOA gear. I must admit, it was a little daunting jumping into WSG knowing I was the "low end of the scale" level wise, but I had to see what I was capable of. Turns out, most people level 24 in BOA Have a little over double my life.

     As some of "they" (yes said that the way I wanted to) nuttin to it but to do it-all night long.... I decided to take defense on first charge, but from the top.

   But that was boring so I decided to go on a killing spree. I was very pleased with the results.

Top kills all tied me included 2-2-2

Slipped to 2nd 6-5-5

Back to the top at 10 - 10 -8

But respectably I ended up in 4th. Doesn't help the warlock there started following me and waiting till I had targets almost dead then it would shadowbolt the last  bit of life. Wish I could have gone horde for just a second....


  1. Shoulda gone horde.

    Undead hunters in cata ftw


  2. very true, warlocks always steal kills...