Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's Been A Little While

A druid running into the wrong end of my bow.... 

     Hi there, its been a little while. Turns out running a guild is hard work. But, on the good side, my mains guild has progressed more with me at the helm, than the previous gm. This I must credit to the hard work of my friends and captains, without whom I would be nothing.

     Today the weather in Stormwind is nice. Its where we join our favorite hunter, relaxing after helping fend off a Horde invasion of our castle. Not that I did a whole lot, I'm only a 20 for Christs sake.........

     Since deciding to level, I felt it was time for a test, so I decided to jump into a battleground. Remember, no BOA gear. I must admit, it was a little daunting jumping into WSG knowing I was the "low end of the scale" level wise, but I had to see what I was capable of. Turns out, most people level 24 in BOA Have a little over double my life.

     As some of "they" (yes said that the way I wanted to) nuttin to it but to do it-all night long.... I decided to take defense on first charge, but from the top.

   But that was boring so I decided to go on a killing spree. I was very pleased with the results.

Top kills all tied me included 2-2-2

Slipped to 2nd 6-5-5

Back to the top at 10 - 10 -8

But respectably I ended up in 4th. Doesn't help the warlock there started following me and waiting till I had targets almost dead then it would shadowbolt the last  bit of life. Wish I could have gone horde for just a second....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Interesting Turn Of Events

     Funny thing happened the other day. My main guilds GM decided to transfer realms. But who did he choose as his successor? Well, yours truly. Now at the helm of the guild, It has been my duty to shape what will become of us. Needless to say, the politics of a leadership change has resulted in some fallout, but at the same time, new friends have been made, and my 4 1/2 years on the server is showing some benefit to the guild. In the short time I have been at the helm, we went from a no progress at raiding to successful Bastion of Twilight trash runs, we have also been more successful with Magmaw attempts than we had in the past, finally getting him to 50 %. There is much more coming. Hopes of progression are beginning to show.  Until next time.

Friday, April 15, 2011

It Has Come To An End

     Well one thing is for certain, the long boring wait, actually wasn't.  Part of the time sure, waiting for the chest to spawn in the arena over and over again can get to a person. I mean not much else to do but sit there.
     Some time I was able to go for the chest myself, luckily for me no one seems to be in the arena  a certain points of the day.
     Other times I had to come hang out with a buddy on our main PvP toons, just to make sure the riff raff stayed out of the way.
     Some time the odds were a little stacked against me.....................
(Yes I know those are my friends, but its a great picture and it gets the point across) But in the end the work finally paid off, and yesterday, at 3:00 am server time all my work paid off.
           Yeah I know it stretches beyond my borders but its worth it this one time. With this comes the Arena grandmaster trinket. A +12 stamina with a use of absorbing 1000 damage, at Level 19 it doesn't get much better than that. A special thank you to Aztecian, Chanceaustin, and DonChuko, who took the time to defend me quite often, and also kept me company in the arena. Soon comes my final bg in the 19 bracket. and the slow grind to 29. In the mean time I will be making some informational guides about PvP. Until next time remember, If its red, its dead.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Long Boring Wait.....

     Experience off, sitting in Gurabashi arena.  This is where we join my little hunter. While the flight from Stormwind to Booty Bay was uneventful Naru knows, a level 19 in a level 30+ area, is going to be an aggro magnet.

     I landed at the flight point, and made my way out of town, wary of what was around me. Wouldn't you know it, 5 steps outside of town, I get attacked by one of Strangelthorn's marvelous gorillas, and I started to run like hell. But then, a moment of total enlightenment. I am Tostada. The Great Blue/Grey Hunter with my trusty companion IGotzHerpes (yeah my wolfs name is IGotzHerpes) and I decided to stand my ground. Gorilla after gorilla set upon us, and the fight was brutal.

     In the end, my companion and I were victorious. But we still had to travel to the arena, and little did we know what would be waiting for us there.  ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!
     Long story made short, we survived yet again, the slow zombies no match for me and my friend. Now begins the hardest part of my quest.
The Long Boring Wait.........

Decision Has Been Made

     Well I have decided to do it. I am going to level. I started gathering the gear for the 29 tier, and so far I am happy. On my server due to the BOA drops, most people look past the old BOE's, though some people go stupid mode, and try to charge waaaaaay more than items are worth in the AH. (For instance  Feet of the Lynx for 5000 gold, you must be full on retarded to think someone should pay that much gold for a lvl 19 set of feet.) Here are a few shots on what I have acquired so far, and feel free to comment on better drops, I am always open to suggestions.

     First up I chose these legs to start, because they served my rogue well at level 29 so long ago.  The amount of agility is great with good stamina to boot, still undecided how to enhance them, i guess armor kits are the only thing that can be added now.

     I decided to go against the grain on my first weapon. While strength does not add to my crit rating, it does add to overall damage, not to mention throwing a +15 agility enchant on this puppy should help boost the imma keel joo factor. (sorry for the idiot spelling it just seemed right)

     Next up is an oldie but a goldie, besides looking as nasty as one can possibly look, the butcher seems to be about the best secondary weapon I can find BOE style. I had it on my rogue at 29 also. (I miss running into a group of 7 defending a base in ab and killing everyone by myself........those were the days.) Also going to stack a +15 agility on this puppy too.

     And finally comes my pea shooter.  I am truly not happy with this gun as it sits. I am really a bow fan, but there is not a lot as fun in the level 29 bracket as there is in the level 19 bracket. I am really not a fan of the lack of bonus stats or lack of added effects on the gun itself. Although, I must admit, the damage and dps itself is quite nice. I really don't want to go against my standards and use BOA gear, so if anyone knows where a better gun or bow drops, preferably bow, let me know.

     This is all I have right now, looking for more and better gear constantly. One thing I did decide though is, I am shutting off my exp until I get the grand master trinket. I want to do my last 19 Bg, as truly over powered as possible.   Best of luck to you until next time.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Saying Goodbye to 19

     Today is a sad day. One more battleground and I will level to 20. I haven't had to do much work on this toon for a while now.  Alas, that is all about to change.
Oh, you don't know who I am, let me introduce myself.
     Most folks call me taco, though, thats not the first of my toons you will meet. Lets just say I like PvP, a lot. And I am good. Saying that, I don't mean I am a heir-loomed out Bg killer, I do it the hard way, old fashioned twink style. No heirlooms, no Wg pvp heirlooms. Old fashioned insignia, B.O.E. gear and dungeon gear.
     This is my little hunter Tostada. Most people like to laugh because its a draenei, but hard to laugh when I one shot fully heirloomed - well, anything. Right now I am literally 200 exp from leveling, and I am trying to decide. Shut off exp and have 2 hr + que times, or leave it on and level instantly. 
Sad day indeed.......
     I really want to work on the grand master trinket before I level, just to piss people off, when I have the time to kill their whole team before I take any actual damage. Maybe thats best left to the 29 bracket.........