Friday, April 8, 2011

Saying Goodbye to 19

     Today is a sad day. One more battleground and I will level to 20. I haven't had to do much work on this toon for a while now.  Alas, that is all about to change.
Oh, you don't know who I am, let me introduce myself.
     Most folks call me taco, though, thats not the first of my toons you will meet. Lets just say I like PvP, a lot. And I am good. Saying that, I don't mean I am a heir-loomed out Bg killer, I do it the hard way, old fashioned twink style. No heirlooms, no Wg pvp heirlooms. Old fashioned insignia, B.O.E. gear and dungeon gear.
     This is my little hunter Tostada. Most people like to laugh because its a draenei, but hard to laugh when I one shot fully heirloomed - well, anything. Right now I am literally 200 exp from leveling, and I am trying to decide. Shut off exp and have 2 hr + que times, or leave it on and level instantly. 
Sad day indeed.......
     I really want to work on the grand master trinket before I level, just to piss people off, when I have the time to kill their whole team before I take any actual damage. Maybe thats best left to the 29 bracket.........


  1. Tough decision to make, man.

  2. Best of luck on your adventures.

  3. Love this, check out my League shit...

  4. You are the most awesome kind of person! I will follow this blog till I die!!