Friday, April 15, 2011

It Has Come To An End

     Well one thing is for certain, the long boring wait, actually wasn't.  Part of the time sure, waiting for the chest to spawn in the arena over and over again can get to a person. I mean not much else to do but sit there.
     Some time I was able to go for the chest myself, luckily for me no one seems to be in the arena  a certain points of the day.
     Other times I had to come hang out with a buddy on our main PvP toons, just to make sure the riff raff stayed out of the way.
     Some time the odds were a little stacked against me.....................
(Yes I know those are my friends, but its a great picture and it gets the point across) But in the end the work finally paid off, and yesterday, at 3:00 am server time all my work paid off.
           Yeah I know it stretches beyond my borders but its worth it this one time. With this comes the Arena grandmaster trinket. A +12 stamina with a use of absorbing 1000 damage, at Level 19 it doesn't get much better than that. A special thank you to Aztecian, Chanceaustin, and DonChuko, who took the time to defend me quite often, and also kept me company in the arena. Soon comes my final bg in the 19 bracket. and the slow grind to 29. In the mean time I will be making some informational guides about PvP. Until next time remember, If its red, its dead.

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  1. I always hated waiting in that arena on my twink because I got one shotted almost every time. Luckily they added a graveyard right next to arena but that's after I got my trinket -_-