Sunday, April 10, 2011

Decision Has Been Made

     Well I have decided to do it. I am going to level. I started gathering the gear for the 29 tier, and so far I am happy. On my server due to the BOA drops, most people look past the old BOE's, though some people go stupid mode, and try to charge waaaaaay more than items are worth in the AH. (For instance  Feet of the Lynx for 5000 gold, you must be full on retarded to think someone should pay that much gold for a lvl 19 set of feet.) Here are a few shots on what I have acquired so far, and feel free to comment on better drops, I am always open to suggestions.

     First up I chose these legs to start, because they served my rogue well at level 29 so long ago.  The amount of agility is great with good stamina to boot, still undecided how to enhance them, i guess armor kits are the only thing that can be added now.

     I decided to go against the grain on my first weapon. While strength does not add to my crit rating, it does add to overall damage, not to mention throwing a +15 agility enchant on this puppy should help boost the imma keel joo factor. (sorry for the idiot spelling it just seemed right)

     Next up is an oldie but a goldie, besides looking as nasty as one can possibly look, the butcher seems to be about the best secondary weapon I can find BOE style. I had it on my rogue at 29 also. (I miss running into a group of 7 defending a base in ab and killing everyone by myself........those were the days.) Also going to stack a +15 agility on this puppy too.

     And finally comes my pea shooter.  I am truly not happy with this gun as it sits. I am really a bow fan, but there is not a lot as fun in the level 29 bracket as there is in the level 19 bracket. I am really not a fan of the lack of bonus stats or lack of added effects on the gun itself. Although, I must admit, the damage and dps itself is quite nice. I really don't want to go against my standards and use BOA gear, so if anyone knows where a better gun or bow drops, preferably bow, let me know.

     This is all I have right now, looking for more and better gear constantly. One thing I did decide though is, I am shutting off my exp until I get the grand master trinket. I want to do my last 19 Bg, as truly over powered as possible.   Best of luck to you until next time.


  1. The gear looks really OP for the 20-29 range, go own in PvP!

  2. Haven't even touched my low lvl PvP chars. I'll have to give 'em a go.

  3. You will pown the shit out of them