Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Long Boring Wait.....

     Experience off, sitting in Gurabashi arena.  This is where we join my little hunter. While the flight from Stormwind to Booty Bay was uneventful Naru knows, a level 19 in a level 30+ area, is going to be an aggro magnet.

     I landed at the flight point, and made my way out of town, wary of what was around me. Wouldn't you know it, 5 steps outside of town, I get attacked by one of Strangelthorn's marvelous gorillas, and I started to run like hell. But then, a moment of total enlightenment. I am Tostada. The Great Blue/Grey Hunter with my trusty companion IGotzHerpes (yeah my wolfs name is IGotzHerpes) and I decided to stand my ground. Gorilla after gorilla set upon us, and the fight was brutal.

     In the end, my companion and I were victorious. But we still had to travel to the arena, and little did we know what would be waiting for us there.  ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!
     Long story made short, we survived yet again, the slow zombies no match for me and my friend. Now begins the hardest part of my quest.
The Long Boring Wait.........


  1. Gratz. STV is 30+ as I remember :D

  2. Ahh this brings back the good old days of ganking in STV when i had a bad day.

  3. I could swear I saw you in-game when you were fighting the gorillas...

  4. memories of the good old vanilla times...

  5. @mike I don't have any heirlooms on my hunter, not one.

  6. Just sittin on your thumbs, eh? Bummer :/